Pneumonia can be caused by a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air we breathe. Identifying the cause of it can be an important step in getting the proper treatment.

What Causes Pneumonia

Pneumonia in the chest

The most common type of bacterial pneumonia is called pneumococcal. Pneumococcal pneumonia is caused by the Streptococcuspneumoniae germ that normally lives in the upper respiratory tract.

Bacterial pneumonia can occur on its own or develop after you’ve had a viral cold or the flu.

Some types of bacteria cause what is known as “atypical” pneumonia, including:

  • Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a tiny wide-spread bacterium that usually infects people younger than 40 years old, especially those living and working in crowded conditions.
  • Chlamydophila pneumoniae, which commonly causes upper respiratory infections year-round, but can also result in a mild form of pneumonia.
  • Legionella pneumophila, which causes a dangerous form of pneumonia called Legionnaire’s disease. Unlike other bacterial pneumonias, Legionella is not passed from person to person. Outbreaks of the disease have been linked to exposure to contaminated water from cooling towers, whirlpool spas, and outdoor fountains.


Viruses that infect the upper respiratory tract may also cause pneumonia. The influenza virus is the most common cause of viral sickness in adults.  


The fungal version of this illness is most common in people with chronic health problems or weakened immune systems, and in people who are exposed to large doses of certain fungi from contaminated soil or bird droppings.

How Bitter Leaf Can Help Fight Pneumonia

Bitter Leaf Plant

Pneumonia is a lung inflammation disease that inflames the air sacs in one lung (single pneumonia) or both lungs (double pneumonia). The air sac may fill with fluid or purulent material which may further result in difficulty breathing, fever, chills, cough with phlegm, etc.

Additionally, this infection is often caused by bacteria, viruses, as well as fungi. Bitter leaf contains some potent properties which can help combat this condition and improve your overall health. 

Numerous people have treated this ailment with bitter leaf, so there is no reason it wouldn’t work for you as well.
Want to know how:

  • Squeeze the fresh leaves of the plant in water and store it in a cool place.
  • Take a glass-full three times daily.
  • Note: Always ‘warm’ the solution before drinking it. Do not boil the solution, just warm it so as not to reduce its effects.
  • Continue the medication for a month and see the results.

*The information you read is researchable and open to public knowledge

Or Try the Quick and Easy Way With Bitter Leaf Capsules

Bitter Leaf Capsules

Avoid the bitter taste of the Bitter Leaf plant and tedious mixing routines, while receiving all the wonderful health benefits with Bitter Leaf Capsules.

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