Perhaps you are struggling with stomach pain, and you’d love to treat it with bitter leaf. In this article, we will describe a few details on to how relieve your pain.

What Causes Stomach Pain

man with stomach pain

Pain in the belly (abdomen) can come from conditions affecting a variety of organs. 

Although abdominal pain can arise from the tissues of the abdominal wall that surround the abdominal cavity (for example, skin and abdominal wall muscles), the term abdominal pain generally is used to describe pain originating from organs within the abdominal cavity (for example, beneath the skin and muscles).

Abdominal pain can be acute and sudden in onset, or the pain can be chronic and longstanding. Abdominal pain may be minor and of no great significance, or it can reflect a major problem involving one of the organs in the abdomen.

The characteristics of the pain — location, timing, duration, etc. are important in diagnosing its cause. Various causes of abdominal pain include, but are not limited to:

How Bitter Leaf Helps the Pain

Woman with stomach pain

Numerous things could lead to stomach pain, including indigestion after eating, menstrual cramps, lactose intolerance, abdominal hernia, pancreatitis, to mention but a few.

However, it will interest you to know that bitter leaf contains certain properties that help in relieving stomach ache.

Perhaps you are struggling with a stomachache, and you’d love to treat it with bitter leaf, all you need do is to chew its tender stem as though you were chewing a stick and then swallow the leftovers.

You should notice some significant changes within a few minutes.
Better still if you can’t chew the stem as suggested above, you can pound the fresh leaves in a mortar and squeeze out the juice, add a pinch of salt to the undiluted drink and drink. The relief will set in very soon; exercise little patience!

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